Chef Di Meglio’s seasonal menus adapt old world cooking techniques to modern tastes, using our open kitchen’s wood-burning oven and open-fire grill. All of Barano’s pastas are made on-site and by hand. Our mozzarella is also made in house, hand pulled, and served à la minute.

We are named after Barano D’Ischia, the township in southern Italy where Chef Di Meglio’s grandmother, Giuseppina, was born.  Giuseppina was instrumental in Al’s growth as a chef, and her cooking incited his love and career in food. Without her, you wouldn’t be joining us for dinner tonight. As a tribute to the place that educated Giuseppina in the art of cooking, we decided to name ourselves Barano.




  • 26 Broadway
  • Brooklyn
  • 11211
  • (347) 987-4500

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