Island Pops

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Trinidad and Tobago natives, Khalid and Shelly Hamid love ice-cream. Especially ice cream flavors from their childhood.  They often asked the question, “Why can’t we find good homemade Caribbean ice cream here in New York City?”  This led to the birth of Island Pops!

Khalid and Shelly’s goal was to create the perfect scoop of ice cream, with flavors and ingredients both authentic and reminiscent of the Caribbean Islands.  To do this, all natural ingredients are imported directly from the Caribbean and products are handmade the old fashioned way; in small batches from scratch.  Island Pops never uses artificial flavorings or colorings and because of this dedication, you can taste the quality with every mouthful.  Today the Brooklyn-based business has evolved into a frozen dessert company that produces, in addition to ice cream, all-natural handmade ice pops and snow cones.



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