Scoops in Cahoots

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We wanted a premium, vegetarian friendly, ice cream that offered grown-up versions of the flavors we’ve always gravitated towards. It’s that simple. On one selective hand, we didn’t want to jam lesser quality inclusions into our mix, but on the other more fun hand, we didn’t want something so artisanal that it was no longer what we wanted for a treat. Ice cream is playful. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. We love cake and cookies as much as anyone, but we want the best stuff when we treat ourselves, and we want it with a special twist!

From the moment we decided to give this dream an honest go, we’ve been laser focused on making something we’re proud to serve.  Our flavors have been meticulously sourced, from partners like Sweet Megan Bakery and Santa Barbra Chocolate, to be the best we could find. We make our small batch ice creams right here in NY using fresh, non-GMO Milk & Cream from local family farms. Yes, we’ve visited our sweet cows to thank them personally. Please see two of our stars looking photo ready. They do great work. And it shows.



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