The Saint Austere

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The Saint Austere has served the Williamsburg neighborhood since 2011.  The restaurant is the vision of the Pirolo family (Fabrizio, John, Jackie, and Mike).  The siblings wanted to open a casual restaurant with a focus on Italian flavors, the freshest ingredients, and soulful preparations.

A warm, dimly lit room is the backdrop to a fun and unpretentious dinner.  Golden era hip hop makes up the soundtrack to the evening.  The Saint Austere’s beverage program is a thoughtfully curated list of European wines and beers, with a selection of craft spirits and cocktails to enhance guests’ experience.

The wine list highlights family owned estates, and honors these wineries’ dedication and hard work in their vineyards. They are wines with soul; some show restraint, while others boast bold flavors, but above all else they all tell the stories of these families. The cocktail list features fun and innovative twists on timeless classics.




  • 613 Grand Street
  • Brooklyn
  • 11211
  • 718-388-0012

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